List Your Home or Other Property With Us.

With our guidance and assistance in the preparation of your property for sale, the sale of your home or other property can go more smoothly than you might think possible.  Key factors include setting the proper price initially, executing an effective marketing plan, and making sure your property is presented with great appeal, both inside and out.   If you choose us to sell your home or other property, we will help you set an appropriate price, advertise and show the house to buyers, handle negotiations, draw up offers and help with counter offers and negotiation, and coordinate the closing. We can help you sell your home or other property.  Our aim is always to do it in less time, with less aggravation, and for more money than you might have realized by some other route.


If you would like to check out the value of your home to get started, please fill out the request for evaluation form to submit necessary information so that we can evaluate the market value of your home.

We include a number of other pages in this section of the website to help you with evaluation of our credentials for provision of marketing and sales services and to help you understand the general process for marketing and selling your property.

If you want to inquire about listing your property with us, contact me at 865-654-2111, or email me.

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