Property Resale Tips

Tips on preparing your property for top dollar resale

During the last couple of years of high buyer demand and a low supply of property from sellers, curb appeal was still incredibly important in getting the best offer possible. As we move into a new season with higher interest rates, it’s even more important. Here are a few of the most important steps you can take to make sure your home gets the highest and best offer possible.

1. Deep Clean

Deep Clean Cabin

Buyers will pay you many times over what you invested for the deep clean. Don’t think about it, just do it. It’s a fact we all get use to our own dirt! But other people want to know the house is clean before they move in.

2. Declutter

You are moving so get out those boxes and pack it up. A lot of sellers like to wait until they have an offer in hand, but sometimes there isn’t enough time for that. You might have a cash offer from a buyer ready to close in 7 to 10 days. It’s less stressful for everyone if you are packing before your house goes on the market (just make sure to keep the boxes put away, otherwise it’s not really decluttering). 

3. Freshen the landscaping

Nothing improves curb appeal like a fresh new layer of mulch. Have the bushes overgrown the front walk? Cut them back! Most buyers decide if a house is for them as the walk up to the front door. The impression of the outside sticks in their mind even as they walk around the house.

4. Refresh the exterior

Speaking of the walk up to the house, don’t be afraid to spend money on the front door. Set up a fresh pot of flowers that greets buyers right as they open the door. Repaint if needed and add a wreath, whatever it takes. Even clean away all the cobwebs and dare them not to return until you have a contract.

5. Refresh the interior

Repaint rooms that you have themed for your favorite sports team or for a child who was into Star Wars. It’s surprising how overwhelmed buyers can get looking at changing paint colors. Don’t let those buyers discount your whole house over one whimsical room. Once my daughter wanted to paint her room in the color of her school bus. Did I say no, being a good realtor? Of course not – but I did repaint before I put my house in the market!

6. Keep the home smelling fresh

Make sure your house smells good, but not to strong. Remember, not everyone likes the same scents and aromas that you do, so pick something neutral. Natural scents like vanilla and cinnamon bring happy thoughts. Ask an honest friend for a scent test. Remember, we get used to our pets and can’t smell them any longer. Not so with buyers, though! They will worry they can never get the homey smell of Fido out if the carpet.

7. Keep the home looking fresh

Set the table. Nothing freshens up and looks inviting like a well set table! I like fresh flowers! Clean up every day, especially on days when you have a showing scheduled. Always make the bed and always add more pillows than you use!

Finally, don’t sweat the small stuff. No one has a perfect house. You only need one buyer, and if you follow these steps then you’ve done your best! Now you can get ready to move!

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